Our Services

As a distributor of interior and exterior LED lighting in Kenya and other energy efficient lighting products, Roomny Engineering offers a strategic-oriented, 4-step approach to meeting the needs of our customers. With extensive lighting expertise and quality products from a wide range of reliable manufacturers, we use our unique consultative-style process to provide lighting product recommendations with “energy efficient choices” that meet customer budget, energy reduction and ROI. In addition, complete turn-key installation and retrofit services are available as part of our recommendations.

1.Turn-Key LED Lighting Retrofits or New LED Lighting Installations

We’ll handle your complete conversion to LED lighting. Turn-key includes your specific on-site lighting evaluation, product evaluation and specification, presenting your ROI assessments, purchasing specified products and final installation.

2.Lighting Energy Evaluation & Assessments

We'll perform an on-site lighting energy evaluation to help you determine the feasibility of your project. Using an apples-to-apples comparison of various lighting technologies and taking into consideration a host of variables such as security issues, hours of operation, color rendering issues and light trespass issues, we'll present you with the most energy efficient lighting recommendations for your particular environment. Included with those recommendations are energy, environmental, maintenance and total ROI assessments.

3.LED Product Specification and Supply

Believe it or not, not all LEDs are created equal. There are specific industry standards for measurement of LED lumen output, rated-life testing and other factors that need to be fully understood before making an appropriate purchase decision. And with the plethora of LED manufactures in the marketplace today some manufactures might not necessarily list their product specifications using these standards. Consulting an LED lighting expert to interpret advantages and limitations of certain manufacturers and their products is always a good idea before purchase. Roomny engineering provides solutions from over 25 quality LED lighting manufacturers, so we are not limited to promoting and selling a specific brand. With our wide range of LED lighting products that cross our manufacturers, we can offer products to meet virtually any budget, light level, lifetime warranty requirement and total ROI requirement.